Uncontrollable Love

The Dark Bob had been touring the country extensively with his wife, Heidi Zin, when they took time out to produce (with Henry Lewy*) this collection of new Dark Bob songs from his multi-media performance of the same name. Scroll down for Samples.

Vinyl EP, 5 original songs produced by Henry Lewy* with The Dark Bob and Heidi Zin (www.zinart.com) for An Illuminated Nation Records, Los Angeles, CA

*2 -time Grammy-nominee Henry Lewy has engineered and produced music for Neil Young, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, The Ventures, and many others.

“With UNCONTROLLABLE LOVE, The Dark Bob deals with two drives, one is the need to have fun, the other is the responsibility to act against human suffering. The Dark Bob is polished at manipulating both these drives. Bob becomes Super Bob, Caped Comedian, Savior of the Human Spirit!”
– G.P. Meyer, Music Connection

“UNCONTROLLABLE LOVE is multi-layered, contextual and worthwhile…full of treats and surprises. And the amazing thing is, that in these freaked out days, I can listen to The Dark Bob and feel unafraid – ah, art!”
– Laura Weber, Vinyl Magazine

“I’ll never forget a day one summer in the late 80’s when someone gifted me the album UNCONTROLLABLE LOVE. I was blown away on the first listen. I wish I could convey what an absolute disgrace it is that so few people know about this unique talent. Wonderful music, wonderful voice filled with love. I’m so glad his music has been a part of my life.”
– Dan Williams, Amazon

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