The Dark Bob traces his family’s history in the sunshine culture of Venice, CA, from his grandfather’s tenure in 1911 as the first Police Chief in Venice, to the good vibrations of growing up in a surfer’s paradise. Scroll down for VIDEO and Samples.

13 songs written, arranged and produced by The Dark Bob.
Contributions by 2-time Grammy-nominated artist Peter Case, Grammy winner Sheldon Gomberg, actor Andy Dick and DJ Bonebrake. Surf guitar by Glenn Nishida.

“I loved it…”Telstar” updated and gone wild…and one of the loveliest love songs I’ve ever heard.”
– Laurie Anderson

“It starts with surf, then like that strange first slimy creature crawlin’ up out of the ooze to become us, it DOES! Then it ends with surf and YOU’RE the one who’s STOKED! I love this record and play it a lot.”
– Terry Allen


Thought About You song video

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