Simple And Effective

"Brought together by a mutual desire to make 'real art', Bob & Bob stirred the art world to a frenzy through their drawings, films, performances…and finally a superb record album!" - Beverly Hills Courier. Scroll down for Samples.

12 in. vinyl LP, 14 songs written by Bob & Bob, produced by Wippo for M.I.T.B. Records, distributed by Printed Matter, New York, NY.

“With performances, paintings, drawings, films and albums, Bob & Bob are fast becoming one of the quality acts of West Coast art. Just the notion of an “art team” carries with it a certain irreverence toward the presumed imperative of a solitary effort; irreverence that invokes the spirit of Dada but disguised in three-piece suits.
They are diviners of our most plastic selves; they are shamans posing as schlemiels as they navigate an ideological course that is absolute mainstream, only backwards.
The content on SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE is pure Bob & Bob, apparently ridiculous dalliances with philosophical inquiry and social comment. The music is clearly designed to sanitize the message and ingratiate the listener. It’s pop structure keeps one smug and unsuspecting. Then they flip into subversion virtually unnoticed, or at least until it’s too late.”
– Joan Hugo, Artweek

Go To The Police


Mr. Personality


We Can’t Take Sides Anymore


Pioneer Dogs


Bob and Bob