Monkey Do

Original release 2012, reissued 2020. Performed mostly on miniature and toy instruments, MONKEY DO is a collection of highly personal pieces exploring love in its many incarnations.

16 songs written, arranged and performed by The Dark Bob.
Produced by The Dark Bob and Glenn Nishida.
Note: The reissue was re-mastered with 2 bonus tracks.

From aggressive rockers to confessional tearjerkers, and from sea shanty sing-a-longs to political bombshells, MONKEY DO is “like an explosion in a pop song factory!”
– Music Connection

“Above all else, The Dark Bob is a storyteller, and every facet of his songs come together to create a narrative; the abiding subject of his stories is love, in all it’s permutations, and the dark forces that threaten it.”
– Denise Sullivan, music critic and author


Monkey See, Monkey Do



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