Monkey Do

Original release 2012, reissued 2020. Performed mostly on miniature and toy instruments, MONKEY DO is a collection of highly personal pieces exploring love in its many incarnations. Scroll down for VIDEOS and Samples.

16 songs written, arranged and performed by The Dark Bob.
Produced by The Dark Bob and Glenn Nishida.
Note: The reissue was re-mastered with 2 bonus tracks.

From aggressive rockers to confessional tearjerkers, and from sea shanty sing-a-longs to political bombshells, MONKEY DO is “like an explosion in a pop song factory!”
– Music Connection

“Above all else, The Dark Bob is a storyteller, and every facet of his songs come together to create a narrative; the abiding subject of his stories is love, in all it’s permutations, and the dark forces that threaten it.”
– Denise Sullivan, music critic and author


Monkey See, Monkey Do



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