An Ever Ominous Dream: The Dark Bob Sings

A 13 track anthology of songs and live performance monologues featuring The Dark Band. Scroll down for Samples.

Produced by The Dark Bob for Chronic Interactive Music, Hollywood, CA and MITB Records, Beverly Hills, CA. Distributed by Printed Matter, New York, NY.
Recorded and mixed by Glenn Nishida at Pacifica Studios, Los Angeles

Medley: Live Monologue into Hillowee! Hillowee! Hillowee!


An Ever Ominous Dream


HEROES (live) by The Dark Bob with The Dark Band




A Million Years of Love


When The Lion Roars


When the lion roars
The jungle gets still
When the lion roars
The tribe gets quiet

Animals tremble
Birds don’t move
The King of the Jungle’s
Got something to prove

He knows what he needs
He does what he can
He’ll eat his own cub
Just to prove he’s a man

When the lion roars
When the lion roars

Hot winds blow
Treetops shake
Dust rolls over
The dried up lake

Sticks are snappin’
Twigs are breakin’
Branches fallin’
On the path he’s taken

When the lion roars
The crowd get thin
When the lion roars
You’re gonna wish you was him

Cars are crashing
Boats are burning
Planes and trains
And tanks are burning

The air is burning
Streets are burning
Under hatred clouds
And racist rain

When the lion roars
That’s a good-bye kiss

When the lion roars
The thunder rolls on
When the lion Roars
The night gets long

So you’d better get some shelter
You’d better get some water
Or you’d better grab your shoes
And you’d better get outa here!

When the lion roars
When the lion roars

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